Business and Open Source solutions

Asplen Management Ltd is a small focused company that brings effective business, technology and marketing solutions to its customers. We focus on Telecommunications, Service Providers and businesses with a desire for solutions using Linux.

Open Source software and services

We are the team behind e-Bills, the open source web enabled billing application for businesses of any size (corporates to contractors). This software runs on a web server, uses proven and supported open source technology. It produces your invoices as Adobe compatible PDF files and allows you to manage your customer relationship through correspondence and debt management. e-Bills web enabled billing

The software is free, but if you need consultancy, support or help with integration we can do so for a charge.

Management services

Asplen Management Ltd can provide your business with Project Management, Product Management, Process design/documentation, Consultancy, Training, Networking, Linux and Open Source expertise. We deliver solutions on a world-wide basis to Telecommunications, Internet and businesses using Linux. We have a selection of highly skilled experts at our disposal.

We can undertake projects that run over a period of time or small assignments.

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