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Project Management

We can help with many types of project of a development, implementation or business nature. Our service can provide end to end project management service from initial appraisal to startup, definition, detailed analysis and business justification, design, implementation, delivery and closure. Alternatively we can provide the specialist resource to manage one particular workstream. ... more

Product Management and Marketing

Whether it is an art or science the proper management of a company's products or services are crucial to its ongoing profitability, market share and customer retention. We utilise best of class Product Management tools and processes.

We help business in many ways: from an audit of existing products through to helping to define something new and to developing a full marketing plan. ... more


Expertise and experience in our specialist fields can provide huge tangible benefits in many areas. It will also save time and give an alternative unbiased perspective on your business problem.  ... more

Billing services

The development of e-Bills and experience of customer installations positions us well to provide consultancy related to billing. We do take the view that billing must be closely aligned with a company's marketing strategy (bills do extend the brand image) and billing must also be linked to the company's . The key is often in the product or service coding scheme and everything that sites behind it. ... more

Web and programming servives

Our skills in the development and integration of dynamic and content driven solutions could be exactly what you need to ensure your business processes and Internet presence are aligned.

We can also:

  • Install and configure workstations and servers
  • Development of bespoke applications, including web-based applications
  • Create Database applications
  • Install and configure network components
  • Manage your networking equipment remotely
  • Create bespoke applications for you
  • Customise e-Bills to meet your needs

We specialise in (but are not limited to) Linux ... more

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Billing services
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