Project and Programme Management

Exerienced Management skills

For business change, software development or telecommunications projects

Any aspect of Project Management from conducting a single audit or review to managing a complete project from concept to completion:

  • Project definition and startup workshops
  • Engaging core and virtual teams
  • Creation and then ongoing management of project plan
  • Resource requirements analysis, utilisation and reporting
  • Use of quality and effective project management processes
  • Project risk analysis and management
  • Management and chasing of actions and issues
  • Change control management
  • Clear reporting of project status
  • Distribution of key documents to stakeholders and the project team
  • Key reviews within a clear project framework
  • Creation and agreement of acceptance specification
  • Management and sign-off of acceptance

Business Cases

I am an expert in the development of complex financial models using spreadsheets in order to determine the revenues, savings and costs for a new business project. I can then produced a business case that can be used to make a decision as to whether to continue (or not) with a project. If appropriate this can be done in two stages: an outline stage to make an initial judgement and decide where more detailed analysis is required; and then a more detailed stage.

Project Health Checks

Are the business projects on track and running to schedule?

Experience shows that many businesses are not fully aware of the status of their projects as they ought to be!

This project health check will assess each of your business projects against a set of key criteria as used within many leading corporations world-wide.

An assessment is made of 7 key factors which lead to project success. Through a series of sessions with key project staff we are able to measure these success criteria and rank them accordingly. We then look at each of these areas and work with you to generate an action plan to rectify problem areas. We also look at the business justification for each project and assess whether the deliverable will really meet your objectives.

The health check delivers a succinct report outlining the major business risks in the project, the barriers to its success, a project GO/NOGO recommendation and identifying remedial action required.

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