PHP with MySQL, C/C++ and Linux services

Development and integration of web content

We are PHP and MySQL experts: just take a look at e-Bills or to see why. What is more we enjoy doing such developments! So if this is a skill set you need then please contact us.

Custom Intranet Solutions

Information within a business is just as important as that communicated to the outside world. An Intranet solution can provide:

  • Access to key business information to all employees
  • Access to specific information through login username / password access
  • Dynamic material based on uploaded documents, spreadsheets etc
  • Integrated databases, e.g. for Product data and pricing
  • Powerful search and presentation tools
  • Provide a front for other business applications

An Intranet server provides access to all information using your available browser: no special software is required. This results in a low overall cost of ownership.

Key features of our Intranet and Internet solutions
  • Proven corporate Intranet structure and design
  • Various levels of security and login (if required)
  • Employee and other databases
  • Integrates directly with e-Bills and our other Web-Enabled applications
  • Dynamic generation of html pages using PHP
  • Integrated SQL databases
  • User management of content

C/C++ programming

We can also develop bespoke processing applications for your Linux server. These could be in support of a web presence such as providing end interfaces to other systems or improving server performance through defined modules, even generating html.

Configuration and management

As Linux experts we can assist you with configuration, support and management of your Linux server. We can also provide remote management and even supply a top-brand server allong with networking equipment.

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