Billing Services

Our e-Bills web enabled billing and our associated services are here to solve problems.

We are pleased to offer a number of key services alongside e-Bills, our web enabled billing software. These services are cost effective and allow you to focus on you placing your resources where needed whilst maximising the operational benefits of e-Bills in your organisation.

Process design and consultancy

  • Streamline your business
  • Review your product portfolio and how best to market and invoice
  • Review and streamline your sales order, billing and debt collection processes
  • Recommend suitable product coding schemes
  • Documentation and training

We will make a review of existing processes and determine what improvements, if any, are necessary and how e-Bills can best be used to support these. We will work with your team, on location (if requiired), to deliver effective solutions. We find that many businesses have not determined usable product coding schemes for their product or service portfolio and our approach here provides invaluable benefit. Price

TeX template customisation

  • A faster way to create templates
  • Production of an invoice format for your business, including your own logo
  • Modification of Standard Letter templates for your specific needs
  • Creation of new templates as required
  • Basic customisation at fixed price
  • Complex customisation charged by the hour

For basic customisation we will provide you with a TeX PaK comprising one invoice template and three standard letter templates to meet your format specification as closely as possible. You will provide us with your logo as a high resolution image and any text as plain text. Due to the nature of text processing we commit to providing the closest match to your format as possible, but in some circumstances this may not be possible. Following issuance of draft templates you will identify all necessary changes which will be implemented prior to delivery of the final TeX PaK.

For full customisation we will work with you to develop invoice and letter formats that fully meet your needs. We can quote on a daily rate basis or at a fixed price.

Once we have delivered your TeX PaK and if you take out a support contract we will make a reasonable number of small ongoing changes as required by yourselves. Price

Hosted Services

  • Pay for what you use without the overheads
  • Hosted billing solution on the Internet
  • Setup fee includes billing template basic customisation
  • Two payment options: monthly; or for each invoice issued

Hosting is provided on a shared server with your data contained in a separate database and all data stored in an area on the server private to your business. You will have access to a url protected by two levels of security (including e-Bills login). We will change usernames and passwords as required. Your employees are given access to the system as decided by yourselves, we provide ongoing user management and control. We will provide software upgrades to the latest version and notify you when we do. We will also create a custom TeK Pak for your business. Price

Support contracts

  • Recommended for all commercial organisations
  • Gain personal email responses to queries and issues
  • Your feature requirements and enhancements will be prioritised
  • If necessary we will configure your e-Bills system on one of our own servers
  • Telephone priority support available as an option
  • Training is available if required

Support contracts are available as annual support contracts, giving you immediate support (office hours) to our support desk. When appropriate will we extend our hours to solve any problems that you might be experiencing. Optionally you can pay for telephone support or one-hit incident telephone support on top of a support contract. Annual support contracts include email support during your installation.

When you tell us about features that would be useful to your business we will prioritise these above other developments to include into our e-Bills open source offering. Price

Installation support

  • Utilising our expertise
  • One-hit incident support to resolve installation issues
  • Full installation using Telnet or SSH and FTP.
  • Installation queries
  • Delivery of a complete server solution including e-Bills if required

For one-hit support we will guide you through the installation process, checking the results of each stage and assisting you with tests to ensure correct operation. For full installation we will access your server remotely either with Telnet or SSH, downloading the appropriate files via ftp, building software and testing the results via http. All we need from you is super user password and the address of your server. Price

Complete Linux Server

For business without Linux expertise we will happily deliver a complete working solution and bundle in email, file server, print server, intranet, web cache and other features within the server.

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