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1. Preamble

Keywords: Billing, Web enabled billing, e-Bills, PHP, Web, Web-enabled, MySQL, database, LaTeX, Text processing, PDF, PostScript®, Business productivity, Web site integration, workflow, Application

1.1 Documentation copyright

The Billing with e-Bills HOWTO is (c) Copyright 2000-2004 Asplen Management Ltd. You may distribute freely as long as the copyright message is retained.

e-Bills is (c) Copyright 2000-2004 Mark Asplen-Taylor.

1.2 Application licence

The web-side component of e-bills is open-source software. It is released under the GPL (see

1.3 Feedback

Feedback is always great. Please send it to Polite messages are most welcome. We cannot make any promises about incorporating new or changed features, but we'll certainly take them on board. We will attempt to fix bugs as quickly as possible.

Please send any feedback about successes using e-Bills: especially businesses with loads of customers and contracts!

If you want to translate this HOWTO please notify me so I can keep track of what languages it has been published in, and also I can notify you when the HOWTO has been updated.

1.4 Dedication

This HOWTO is dedicated to my son Edward Asplen-Taylor (now aged 4 years). He's kept me on my toes with his continuing interest in the buttons on the front of my computers.

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