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These old downloads are provided for reference purposes only.

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Billing with e-Bills HOWTO
(20th Jan 2003)

compressed .tar.gz (16 Kbytes)

e-Bills v1.5 (27th Feb 2003)

ebills_server_1.5.tar.gz (207Kbytes)

e-Bills v1.4 (20th Jan 2003)

ebills_server_1v4.tar.gz (203Kbytes)

e-Bills v1.3 (16th Dec 2002)

ebills_server_1v3-2.tar.gz (203Kbytes)

e-Bills v1.2 (16 Oct 2002)

ebills_server_1v2.tar.gz (188Kbytes)

e-Bills v1.1 (25 Mar 2002)

ebills_server_1v1.tar.gz (180Kbytes)

e-Bills v1.0 (17 Nov 2001)

ebills_server_1v0.tar.gz (91 Kbytes)

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