Features and Benefits of e-Bills

High quality billing, debt collection and customer management solution for businesses of all sizes.

The main design principal has been rapid issuance of customer documentation with the minumum of fuss. e-Bills contains many powerful features for the contractor to niche areas within larger corporations. It is very relevant to any business that issues multiple invoices to the same customer set and includes many automated features to support this.

High quality bills

  • Bills contain the correct charges
  • Bills created as Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) files
  • Very professional format, which boosts your company's image
  • Can be used on plain or pre-printed stationary
  • Issued bills are always viewable to help solve customer queries
  • Automation and reports ensure that bills are issued on time


  • Database driven front-end
  • e-Bills is open-source software and is available for no charge
  • Deployed on a Linux server (can also run your Intranet and email)
  • developed using PHP, MySQL & LaTeX


  • Multi-user access using web browser
  • Ideal for departments, call centres or businesses spread over many sites
  • Supports different classes of user to ensure security of data (if required)
  • Fully integrated and context sensitive help system
  • Secure user access with passwords and session control
  • Full management of customers, contracts, charges, products and invoices
  • Full customer corresponence capability
  • Pop-up customer / contract notes and actions

Bill format

  • Bill formats designed for your needs and can include your own logo / graphics
  • Archive of all bills produced
  • Bills may be printed, faxed or emailed


  • High performance SQL database
  • High performance billing engine written in C, to support many billing scenarios
  • Modules for customers, contracts, products and charges
  • Automated or manual billing runs
  • Can me managed remotely if required
  • Export of key data into spreadsheets (including invoices issued)

Products / services or items billed

  • Complete product / price management tool
  • Supports install, monthly and final-balloon charges
  • Supports many product/service charge types within different billing scenarios
  • Uses your existing product / service referencing schemes
    • customer reference number
    • contract references
    • product or service codes

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  • Very fast production of invoices
  • Fully automates the production of service bills
  • Saves entry of billing data for each bill issued
  • Save entry of data into accounting system
  • Helps you to collect payments
  • Easy to install and to realise operational benefits early
  • High availability server (using Linux and well proven open source technology)
  • Accessible to any user using a W3C compliant web-browser
  • No additional workstation costs
  • Rapid generation of reminders and other customer correspondence
  • Can be integrated with web sites or existing IT solutions
  • Stable and proven architecture
  • New modules and enhancements being released on a regular basis
  • Low cost support contract to give you peace of mind

e-Bills has a very low cost of ownership. It uses open-source technology that is available via the world-wide web. Have you also seen how low our support support contracts and customisation charges are??

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