e-Bills Web Enabled Billing Software

e-Bills is open source billing software that produces invoices as Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) files. e-Bills is free and there is a highly effective support route at http://ebills.sourceforge.net. We provide several additional services and support for which we charge. If you like our software and you use it to send out invoices please consider taking out a support contract.

e-Bills at sourceforge.net

A user, support and development community for e-Bills now exists at http://ebills.sourceforge.net.

We provide a live demonstration of e-Bills at SourceForge. The site also shows the future of e-Bills and allows you to subscribe to announcement lists.

e-Bills web enabled billing

We are very grateful to SourceForge for their hosting, web-based project services and facilities to help support open source software so effectively.

Much more than a billing application

e-Bills provides more than billing too, as you can:

  • Issue letters to customers, such as bill reminders, order acknowledgements and welcome packs
  • Integrate it with your existing web site and internal systems
  • Use it to share data at many levels of your business

To find out how e-Bills could help your business click here.

Commercial services for e-Bills

Our commercial services our optional. If you use e-Bills in anger then think about taking out a support contract: this will give you peace of mind and you will benefit from priority enhancements and direct email support.

There are other elements of e-Bills which you could do yourself, but it is probably easier (and cheaper) to ask us to help. For example, we can provide:

  • a cost effective solution to producing customised invoice and letter templates for e-Bills within your business using your format and logo
  • one-off incident support
  • remote management of your e-Bills installation
  • an e-Bills system hosted on the Internet: ideal for geographically split businesses
  • process consultancy and/or project management to help with your order acceptance and delivery
  • customisation to integrate with existing web or internal systems
  • development of bespoke enhancements for your business


We accept payments by Credit or Debit card using the PayPal service and for UK customers we accept cheques or BACS transfers in Pounds.

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