About us

In addition to providing a range of professional management consultancy services we also provide open-source applications including e-Bills web enabled billing software.

Why Asplen Management?

  • We are a small and well focused business with specific experience in systems integration spanning many locations and in several countries.

  • We have a structured approach with good templates & processes

  • We understand the cultural issues in organizations, particularly those involved in introducing new IT systems or new business processes.

  • We are unbiased and totally independent.

  • We can bring a huge range of skills through our associate network

  • We promote the use of open-source technology to improve business returns

What can we do for your business?

We can be an effective part of your organisation as and when you want us to be:

  • to provide you with a focused structured approach to projects.
  • to assist you with the business management and marketing relating to systems projects that you have developed.

Working for Asplen Management

If you're keen to join a small and effective team the click here.

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